We have moved!

Doh, I just realised I handed out a bunch of old business cards with this address on it. This made me realise that I also hadn’t updated here with my new online home.  Therefore, without further ado please go to www.lisamargreet.com for my new website including my blog and craft workshop details.


Ain’t she a beauty?! I designed and built the website myself after teaching myself to code (html & css) earlier in the year from this awesome course: Girls Guide to Web Design. If you like what you see and would like me to design and build a website for your creative business then drop me a line. I can also help you with crafting the words for your website too (did you see what I did there?!). Details for how to contact me are on www.lisamargreet.com

Hope to see you over on the new site soon!

Lisa Margreet





After my love of my owls jumper, I’ve just started on my next Kate Davies knitting pattern, the Warriston.

My measurements indicated that I would need to make a size 3 but my swatching revealed that I should follow the pattern for size 2. My gauge is coming up slightly large so by knitting size 2 it is coming out as size 3 even though I’m using the same wool and needle size as directed.

Therefore let this be a lesson in the importance of swatching for those of you who like to skip that step! If I hadn’t swatched I would have been making a enormous jumper as it’s designed with a few inches positive ease as well. By taking an extra half hour or so to make a swatch I’ve saved myself some time and money by making sure that the jumper will actually fit me.

The full details of the pattern and wool etc are here on my Ravelry project page.

Stitch & Craft show is here!

Have you been missing me? If so then why not come and visit me at the Stitch and Craft show this week. I’ll be there from tomorrow Thursday 15 March until Sunday 18 March with a fantastic team of crafty women running drop-in sessions. We’ve got knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, milliners and embroiders all eager to share their skills and experience with you.

Come by, bring tea and cake if you like (especially if you bring some to share), have a seat and come and craft with us! Learn a few new skills like how to upcycle t-shirts for yarn and how to knit without needles.

I’m bringing along some of my surplus craft stash as well and will be giving it away free to a good home!

We’ll be on the first floor of Kensington Olympia in the Create & Make section. Look forward to seeing you there!

Vintage blue & white

It might not look like it, but it took a surprisingly long time to make this “mood board”. I’m playing around with colours and style ideas for my new website that I’m designing. It’s a bit eclectic, but I’m rather fond of it.


Untitled by Lisa Margreet
Untitled, a photo by Lisa Margreet on Flickr.

Aaaand they’re finished! The Bella mits WIP is whipped. Done in just over a week I’m now looking forward to wearing these mittens on my cycle rides to work.

Seriously, until I’d worn real handknitted woolen items I didn’t realise how lovely and toasty warm they kept you.

I’m looking forward to a chilly day when I can wear my owls jumper with my Miss Marple cardigan and Bella mittens!


BELLA MITTENS WIP by Lisa Margreet
BELLA MITTENS WIP, a photo by Lisa Margreet on Flickr.

Here are my Bella Mittens WIP. I cast on a week ago so they’re going well so far! I knit both cuffs at once on a large circular needle using the magic loop method. Now I’m shaping the thumb gusset and knitting each hand separately.

I had a few wtf moments with the pattern but managed to get it after a few trys. I’m not sure that the stitch descriptions are written quite as well as they could be especially with the twisted stitches, but trail and error is seeing me through!

Loving how quickly they’re knitting up though and really enjoying the attention to detail in this pattern. It’s the right level of challenging for me!


HARDCOVER BOOK by Lisa Margreet
HARDCOVER BOOK, a photo by Lisa Margreet on Flickr.

I love this book SO MUCH! I think it’s one of my favourite things that I’ve ever made. I used an old road map of Sussex which used to belong to my Grandfather.

I learnt how to make the hardcover book at the workshop we ran at The Create Place. Suzanne Cowan is a fantastic tutor and I urge you to check out her classes, her website is: www.suzannemcowan.com. Quick, go, look! What you doing still hanging around here?!